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How participants of the Project can be of assistance right now

Below you can learn to know participants of the Project. Where they live and in which ways help can be provided

How we can provide help in Astana!

1. Rauan
Teaching English for kids from not-so-well-off families, reformatories, different educational centres. The education will be provided in groups.

2. Serik
Assistance in food-shopping. Preferably for elderly persons.

3. Almas
Installing and reinstalling the Windows system on computers, assistance in purchasing and configuring different software licenses. Free of charge or by exchange of services for services

4. Timur
Assistance for anyone in need of it


How can we provide help in Almaty!

1. Indira
Assistance for elderly persons with transports to and from their home or on affairs around the city. Only on weekends from 12:00.

2. Diana
Spend free time together on weekends, provide assistance within the limits of my possibilities.

3. Tanat
Assistance for Russian speakers in learning the Kazakh language. Age does not matter.

4. Ayman
Hello everybody!!! I will help with whatever I can. I live in the Auzov district. To look after children or elderly people, go to a store, a pharmacy etc

5. Nurana
I can do babysitting


How can we provide help in Atyrau!

1. Assel
Assistance to elderly grandparents, mothers of many children, single mothers. I can bring home food, medicine, assist in the payment process of utilities.

2. Seiffula
Any kind of help within the limits of my possibilities


How can we provide help in Uralsk!

1. Erik
Help for problems with the car


How can we provide help in Ust-Kamenogorsk!

1. Dinara
Consultations on legal or juridical issues