About the Movement


The Goal

To bring together neighbours (of a yard, of a neighbourhood, of a suburb) to help and assist each other.


For whom?

For everybody who can and wants to bring about help and assistance or who is in need of help in some matter. For active people, students, moms with kids, energetic dads, grandmas and grandpas.



By filling in a Service Proposal/Service Request on this website, you can tell in which way you can bring about help or assistance to your neighbour or what kind of assistance you might be in need of yourself. You can read and write about examples how a joint event for neighbours could be organized or tell about what kind of experience you may have in bringing neighbours together.


The Result

As a result people will expand their opportunities, become kinder and more responsive. All willing residents can become participants in the Movement «Friendly Neighbours». The neighbourhood will become better. There is a multitude of forms and ways of organizing this… The Project can be implemented by everyone who wants to unite society and make it better.

Project coordinators in cities, micro-districts, yards are required! Coordinators are active people who live in every yard. They will maintain a database of participants, connect those who need help with those who can provide it, organize residents of the yard and microdistrict to conduct joint activities. Who is ready to engage in such activities, write to us. We will exchange experience.


If you or your loved ones need help, if you have skills that could be of assistance to someone, you can leave a Service Proposal / Service Request, and maybe one of your neighbours can help you or just needs your help! Once such a person is found, we will contact you! Also, if you have experience related to joint activities in your resident area, or a story about how neighbours help each other, you can write about them here.





Join us on social media!

Join in with us on social media, follow the news and provide your comments so that your friends will also know about us! The more people we can involve, the sooner we all will be able to help our neighbours!