About the Project

With the present organization of city life, most people give almost all their time and strength to work. Life of ordinary people, with medium or low income, is often a constant struggle to make ends meet. Personal development activities or costs for hobbies and additional training are often the last in the list of priorities.

Meanwhile, in every yard there are grandmothers and grandfathers – artists, musicians, carpenters, linguists. They can share their know-how with your children. In return, they may need some small assistance – go to the store, wash the windows, bake a cake, etc.

By allocating a couple of hours per week of our free time to good deeds, we can make the life of our neighbours and our own lives easier and richer. Where there are joint activities, occasional summer or winter parties, yards will be more cheerful and friendly. And even better, if there is a common space for the neighbourhood to come together…

Our first experience of the “Friendly Neighbours” project in 2018 showed that the project is needed. Applications “I want to help” and “Need help” came from many cities. People wrote about specific cases on different topics that they were willing to do.

At the same time, it became clear that it was impossible to coordinate such activities from distance. Each courtyard or dwelling neighbourhood needs its own coordinator – an activist.

Life in courtyards with active residents is more fun, brighter and kinder.

The project is created for the exchange of experience and should be of assistance to everyone who wants to help and is in need of help to meet and come together. How such an activity of mutual assistance can be started in your own neighbourhood, you can read in the following sections of this site.

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